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Data Engineering

Unlock data analytic teams and stakeholders with a 360 degree view of customer, asset and event driven data by building ETL processes that merge large data sets from disparate sources.


Data Science And Visualization

Whether building predictive models, data mining techniques, machine learning algorithms or a simple KPI dashboard, we aim to extract and illustrate actionable insights from high-dimensional, large-scale data sets.


Web Design And Development

How strong is your firm’s online presence? At Velocity Sense we do more than just data. We thrive to build secure, highly-aesthetic online applications with the aim of highlighting your products and services. Our web design services ensure your business is broadly recognized and attracts more audiences with SEO and responsive designs.


Gideon Fernandez

Founding Principal

Velocity Sense provides Data Engineering and Data Science services to enable organizations with modernized data architectural solutions. We are highly skilled in Python, SQL, Postgres, Snowflake, Azure, Pandas, Tensorflow, Spark, Rest APIs, Tableau, Power BI and custom web applications like Dash by Plotly. Our goal is to help your clients improve their process, develop better familiarity with their data, reduce ambiguity and prevent data from being counterintuitive.

We are open to Independent Contractor agreements or teaming agreements. Capability Statement can be furnished upon request.


Our successful track records of client projects include, but are certainly not limited to: ETL development, enterprise cloud data pipelines, customer segmentation, marketing performance attribution, product and predictive performance models for user experience and product analytics.
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Montage Marketing needed to better understand its event recap data that it continually received from its partner organizations. The high volume of survey data made it difficult for the marketing agency to manually process and conclude actionable decisions. Velocity Sense developed a custom automated reports and a data analytics dashboard that visualized its data sets for the marketing agency and their stakeholders.
With the enforcement of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), the IRS needed data-driven insights into foreign taxpayer compliance as well as development of risk score based models. Velocity Sense helped drive the data analysis behind identifying key areas that would help IRS efficiently resource its staff.
Velocity Sense played an integral role in supporting a high-profile litigation case for a national healthcare advisory firm. The firm had received extensive data sets relevant to the case, but their size proved too overwhelming to open and analyze effectively. Recognizing the importance of this data, the firm sought our expertise. Leveraging our expertise in database management and data analytics, we swiftly built out the necessary infrastructure and data pipelines to ingest the vast amounts of information. Additionally, our team skillfully crafted custom queries tailored to the specific needs of the lawyers, enabling them to efficiently read, interpret, and extract valuable insights from the data. By overcoming the data accessibility challenge, Velocity Sense significantly contributed to the successful execution of the case.


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