Velocity Sense is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) primarily focused on data analytics and partnering with small, medium and large Fortune 500 companies directly. The range of support spans from leading teams and projects across numerous business verticals to gathering requirements and translating them into scalable solutions with leading-edge technologies. We seek to transform businesses into high performing organizations by leading implementations with innovative, enterprise-wide solutions to enhance operations, sales, productivity, reduce costs and streamline business activities.

At Velocity Sense, we are aware of the many IT challenges that organizations face head on. Delivering lean and agile solutions are critical in overcoming speed bumps at any moment’s notice. This is why sensing pain points and looking ahead of the curve are foundational to achieving growth. We analyze, architect, manage and deliver IT projects from beginning to end, with the talent integrity that aligns with your company culture.

Meet the Principal

Gideon Fernandez holds over 10 years experience in managing cross-functional teams on pilot programs and large-scale system solutions from design, data analytics, development, testing and implementation. Experienced in Agile and Waterfall methodologies across various industries in the private and public sectors. Accomplished in launching small businesses and working with strategic partners to drive innovation for goods and services, business processes and techniques to achieve business growth.

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